What is the contractual agreement between Investors and the Business?

What is the contractual agreement between Investors and the Business?

When an Issuer (SME) accepts an offer, a provisional contract is formed between the business and each allocated investor. Both the Issuer (SME) and Investors are bound by the terms of the contract note executed in this manner, having endorsed the platform’s terms and conditions.

Once the final note has been endorsed by the business, an email confirmation will be despatched to the business and allocated investors. The details will also be updated on each respective account.

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    • What information will be presented to Investors?

      Business Loans Each note listing shall contain the following information:- Registered business name and address Entity Type (e.g. private limited, limited company or limited liability partnership) Requested note amount Target interest rate Purpose of ...
    • What if my Business goes bankrupt?

      Investors have the legal rights to file claims against the Issuer (SME) based on the agreement.
    • Will the Business be listed with its real identity?

      Yes, prospective Issuers (SMEs) must register with the business name as recorded with ACRA. On listing, the registered business name will be used.
    • Is personal guarantee from the business owner required?

      At least one personal/corporate guarantee is required. At least one of the personal guarantors must also be either a Singaporean citizen of a Singapore Permanent Resident. Corporate Guarantors must be locally incorporated in Singapore.
    • Can my Business issue more than one note through MoolahSense?

      Yes, you may issue more than one note through MoolahSense. However, you will need to demonstrate a good track record on prompt repayments of your existing note(s) before you can apply for another listing. You will be required to submit a new request ...